Jack Attac / Jack Attack

There are many webpages with no apparent purpose. This is probably one of them. This page contains a full map of the game Jack Attac (aka Jack Attack), published by Bug Byte sometime in the early eighties (1983?) for the BBC B and Electron home computers. Perhaps inspired by Jet Set Willy the goal of the game was to collect keys & fruit so you can ultimately rescue the princess (trapped behind the green door in the room next to the one you start in). Unfortunately I don't think the game can be completed without a cheat as it doesn't seem to be possible to leave the room with the green key without dying. Cover Art


Click on the map for full size version.

Small Map

Technical Stuff

The map was produced by using the integrated debugger in the MESS emulator to find the memory locations that control the player location ($98 for X, $99 for Y) and the current room ($F8, 0 for bottom left room, $2c for top right) and then 'beaming' to each room in turn to take a screenshot.

You can download the Jack Attac image from the emulation archive site Stairway To Hell.

Title Screen Victory

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