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Capcom 1943 arcade pcb repair

A clean original 1943 board, which I can tell is the original Japanese version by the ‘BM’ (Battle of Midway) stickers on the ROMs. The board booted to a black screen with a single pixel vertical line of colours.


Logic probe showed nothing ‘looked’ wrong – CPU running, data and address lines pulsing, output on the program ROM pulsing, etc. When I shorted some data lines together though some sounds would randomly play and a stuck screen of graphics would show up. This at least told me the sound & graphics were working, I assume the CPU was executing garbage and when I shorted lines together it just happened to force it to write different data to the audio CPU and graphics board.

I dumped the main program ROMs and 2 out of the 3 matched the 1943ja set in MAME. I burned a replacement for the mismatch and tried it on the board but it made no difference. Without much else to go on I removed the main RAM (TMM2063) and installed a socket and replacement RAM – everything worked 100%! I replaced the original program ROM and it kept on working, so the RAM was the only fault.


Let’s return to why the BM01 program ROM didn’t match the MAME set by disassembling them and comparing. Rather than find this is just random bit rot, there are 3 deliberate changes to the Z80 program code.

MAME set (1943ja)

0A7C: 3A 07 C0 ld a,($C007)
0A7F: B8 cp b
0A80: 18 17 jr $0A99

New set

0A7C: 3A 07 C0 ld a,($C007)
0A7F: B8 cp b
0A80: 28 17 jr z,$0A99

So in the new set, the program loads a byte from $c007, compares it to register b, then if equal jumps to location $0a99. In the MAME set, it loads the byte, compares it – then jumps regardless of the comparison. Why bother reading a byte and compare if you don’t care about the result? Well, this makes sense when you realise $c007 is the security protection device. The 1943ja program has clearly been patched to ignore whether the protection checks pass or fail. The new set is surely the pristine ‘original’. 1943ja has two other patches at $b02 and $281e that work the same way.


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