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Taito Operation Wolf c-chip

Some 13 years after I first simulated the security c-chip in Operation Wolf, an upcoming version of MAME will finally have this chip emulated via the original microcontroller program.   The Caps0ff team were able to get the raw data by milling the chip and then using acid to expose the eprom die.  The data was then read out using a special adaptor – a work of art!  Thanks to Haze also for his work on the microcontroller emulation for the c-chip games.


You can see more of the work by Caps0ff at


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  1. ZX82 says:

    Thank you for your time and dedication on that game, your MCU simulation was almost perfect for years. Now is finally 100% emulated. Thank you to all people whose work on that project (you, Haze, Capsoff and Guru).

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