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Crypt Talker

Around 1995-1998 I worked on a telnet style chat server for Unix and Windows NT.  Any trace of it has long disappeared from the web except I found someone that forked it and added it to Sourceforge around 2005!

There’s some vintage old school C code in that project for sure – who remembers declaring C functions like this?


int argc;
char *argv[];


It had some nice features for internet in the 90′s.. the server opened a port for HTTP as well as chat, so web pages could be generated on the fly from the data associated with the logged in users, so names, descriptions, login times, could be mirrored to a web page.

I found one of the last source code zips and placed it here for download.

3 Responses to Crypt Talker

  1. I’ve been trying to archive old Talker codes before they all disappear off of the Web as domains and sites that were popular in the 90s go offline. Thanks for posting this article (and Google for indexing it) so that I could find your tarball. Unless you object, I’ll also archive it at along with others (if you want to continue your trip down memory lane).


  2. Marty Greenwell says:

    I do. I helped code some of it :D

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