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This is the website of Bryan McPhail. A lot of the BMW blog posts are copies of posts made to the 7 Series Register forum, Bimmerforums or FCP Euro over the past few years. Many of those forum posts now have broken image links due to webhosts changing over time. This site reunites text & images for reference! All those posts are for reference only, use at your own risk, etc. Just because I say it doesn’t mean you should do it. Other posts & pages cover professional videogames development, old arcade game repair as well as various other software engineering topics.  All text is copyright 2018 Bryan McPhail unless otherwise stated.

Contact – bryan @ bryanmcphail . com


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  1. Neil Lauer says:

    I was wondering if you had some contact info available. I have a lot of boards that I would like to have you fix. Please let me know if it is possible to work with you and get some boards fixed. Thank you

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