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I've contributed to MAME since 1998 but unfortunately I don't have a lot of time these days to contribute more. When I do have time these are some of things I'm looking at!

Current WIP


Very little time to work on Mame recently, but I should finish off Night Slashers soon... Unfortunately all of the remaining unemulated Deco 156 CPU games (Hoops, Backfire, etc) are protected. It can probably be cracked given enough time though.

Night Slashers Night Slashers
Hoops 95


If you've seen David or Nicola's sites then you'll have expected these sooner rather than later (Deco custom CPU 102 games).. Diet Gogo is practically finished, but Boogie Wings may take longer as it has alpha-blending and pseudo rotation effects which aren't understood/implemented yet. At a first glance the other game (Double Wing) has additional protection that may be similar to Rohga.

I've been probing some other hardware too..

Diet GogoDiet Gogo
Diet GogoDiet Gogo
Boogie WingsHmm


F3 layer clipping registers finally understood (though not totally implemented yet).




Fiddling with the VRAM & Pixel layers on Taito F3 hardware... Per scanline alpha blending and priority mixing almost working.

Bubble Bobble 2 - correct VRAM layer mixing fixes boss stages (energy bars now have correct priority against the VRAM platforms).


Puzzle Bobble 3 - VRAM layer is used for alpha blending to darken parts of the background.


Current WIP


Another random WIP update... The Tatsumi hardware is easily one of the most complicated emulations I've worked on. In terms of reverse engineering there were very little 'clues' about how things fitted together so it was very hard to get the basic emulation even running. Roundup 5 consists of three cpu's - V30, 68000 and Z80 cpu all communicating via shared ram, plus a strange object processor which has all sorts of lookups for determining sprite blocks and colour palettes. Cycle Warriors is 2 * 68000, Z80 and the same object processor.

I believe Apache 3 runs on similar hardware to these two games - does anyone have a board they could dump? (Or loan!)

Todo: Road layer, fix object glitches, fix vram layer (Cycle Warriors only), fix sound (Cycle Warriors only).

Round Up 5 Round Up 5 Round Up 5 Cycle Warriors Cycle Warriors Cycle Warriors

Btw, still not finished Schmeiser Robo - it's protected, need to write a trojan to run on the board...

Current WIP



Schmeiser Robo - a Hot-B game running on Data East hardware.

Avengers In Galactic Storm Avengers In Galactic Storm Avengers In Galactic Storm Avengers In Galactic Storm

Avengers In Galactic Storm - already in Mame as a test driver but I've recently made progress in figuring out how the background graphics work. There still seems to be a CPU core bug affecting gameplay though.

Todo List


I'll get around to these at some point.. probably.

Fighter's History (Data East) - crack protection (via trojan)
Rohga Armour Attack (Data East) - crack protection (via trojan)
Hacha Mecha Fighter (NMK) - crack protection (via trojan)
Round Up 5 (Tatsumi) - emulate
Paranoia (?) - add to Bloody Wolf driver, similar hardware
Double Dragon driver - correct IRQ's, framerate, and end of game crash
Xain d'Sleena driver - correct IRQ's according to schematics

And probably some others I've forgotten..