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Sega Outrun arcade pcb repair

Game was stuck in a reset loop with only colored lines on screen. Logic probe confirmed the main CPU was continually resetting. I initially suspected the RAM as the TMM2063 chips used on this board can often be unreliable. I piggybacked known good RAM over each chip one at a time and although the game still didn’t work, the colored line behavior changed with the RAM at IC130 and IC115 piggybacked. A change was enough to convince me to desolder this RAM and fit sockets and new RAM. Game worked again!

20181216_110012 20181221_081308

With the board out of the cabinet this was also a good time to fit the ‘enhanced’ ROM set –

Some notes on bench-testing Outrun

Outrun is not a JAMMA game of course, so the minimum to bench test is connect +5V and GND to both boards, as well as monitor GND, sync and RGB. Hooking up 12V, -5V or any inputs or sound is not required to get the game to boot.

20181218_084442 20181221_080853

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