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Unreleased Game – Machine

This game was an internal project on Nintendo Wii circa 2009 that never went anywhere after the initial prototype.  I thought I would post some pics of it here in case anyone that worked on it would like to smile and remember it.  Or maybe grimace.  The hook of the game was driving and destruction and your vehicle would power up during the level from bike, to car, to truck to flying machine.  Even though the flying machine was the fastest it usually felt the slowest – because you weren’t connected to the road, and things weren’t moving past you at close distances.  Sonic All Star Racing Transformed done the exact same thing in 2012, and although the game was very popular, I felt the flying sections there were also very boring compared to the driving.

Looking at the screenshots now, there seems to be an amazing lack of contrast in the level lighting – maybe we all had our monitors set super dark and it seemed ok at the time!


screenshot_001 screenshot_009 screenshot_021 screenshot_024 screenshot_025 screenshot_026 screenshot_046

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