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E38 Facelift CCFL angel eyes

The headlight is one of the items changed in the E38 facelift (Sep 1998 onwards).  In the pre-facelift I mounted CCFL rings on the outside of the inner clear plastic piece, but post-facelift fitting on the inside was easier and also looks much better!  Removal and disassembly of the headlight is well documented elsewhere so no need to go over it again here.  I did need to splice the power wire from the indicator/daytime running light wiring into the main light unit, as it wasn’t there on the main loom (it was on my pre-facelift cars).


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E38 CCFL Angel Eyes

This picture shows the comparison between the stock sidelights (right) and CCFL angel eyes (left) – obviously a much brighter & safer light with CCFL!  The stock lights are near useless.